Child Development

Child developmental monitoring is completed during every well visit at Dr. Coit. These routine evaluations help our providers identify children who may be missing certain developmental milestones and help them to deploy early intervention efforts to aid families with their challenges. During your child’s well visit, your physician will look for signs of developmental delays and discuss any problems or concerns you might have noticed when monitoring them at home.

Although developmental monitoring is built into the regular well visit schedule, parents or physicians may choose to administer additional examination through developmental screenings if families express a specific concern that the provider feels needs further evaluation. Developmental screenings may include a short test of basic skills to determine if your child is developing skills on pace with his or her peers or if certain learning or developmental delays are present. We recommend child developmental screenings – regardless of whether or not a developmental delay or disability has been identified – at the following ages:

  • 15 months
  • 18 months
  • 24 or 30 months

Premature babies and children with low birth weight are at a higher risk of having developmental problems, and additional monitoring and screenings may be needed in these cases.

Child developmental monitoring and screenings are essential to identify any intellectual, developmental or behavioral disabilities in children at an early age and intervene promptly with appropriate treatment. Our providers at Dr. Coit work closely with a wide range of specialists and support systems to best serve our patients with special needs and their families.

Early intervention treatment services for developmental disorders include occupational therapy, counseling and family services, medical services, physical therapy or psychological services.

As many as 13% of children in the United States have some sort of developmental disability or delay, such as autism, intellectual disabilities, or language and school-readiness delays. By catching these disorders early on in a child’s life, parents, physicians and family members can work together to provide the right treatment services to help these children learn the important skills they need to succeed and stay on pace with their peers.


My one month old son just had his first appointment with Dr. Coit. He and his staff are wonderful- very professional, kind and helpful. It was easy to get an appointment. My wait time after checking-in and filling out paperwork was literally 2 minutes.

Dr. Coit came highly recommended to me from friends. And I can see why.

Melissa P.
Long Beach, CA