Immunizations are important. Immunizations prevent serious illnesses, like meningitis, which I used to see. These serious illnesses often resulted in blindness, deafness, mental retardation and sometimes death.

Because many parents have become anxious about immunizations we have Plan A and Plan B.

Plan A requires 4 injections every other month until 6 months and Plan B requires 2 injections once a month until 6 months.

BirthHep BHep B
1 MonthHep BHep B
2 MonthsDtap, IPV, HIB,Prevnar, Rotarix (oral)Dtap, IPV, Rotarix (oral)
3 MonthsHIB, Prevnar
4 MonthsDtap, IPV, HIB, Prevnar, Rotarix (oral)Dtap, IPV, Rotarix (oral)
5 MonthsHIB, Prevnar
6 MonthsDtap, HIBDtap, HIB
9 MonthsHep B, PrevnarHep B, Prevnar
12 MonthsMMR, VarivaxSame
15 MonthsHIB, PrevnarSame
18 MonthsDtap, IPVSame
2 YearsHep ASame
3 YearsHep ASame
4 YearsMMR, VarivaxSame
5 YearsDtap, IPVSame


My one month old son just had his first appointment with Dr. Coit. He and his staff are wonderful- very professional, kind and helpful. It was easy to get an appointment. My wait time after checking-in and filling out paperwork was literally 2 minutes.

Dr. Coit came highly recommended to me from friends. And I can see why.

Melissa P.
Long Beach, CA